Jul 062017

…or is it maybe being broken by people who think it is broken?

I’m pretty sure a lot of people here in Germany have heard the common complaint about end user internet connections being slow in the afternoon and evening because “everybody is watching netflix now” and similar stuff.

I was voicing the same complaint, over and over. My 400MBit cable link at home would drop down to under 80MBit in the evenings, and in downspikes go as low as TEN megabit/second. So I started measuring regularly with speedtest-cli which measures against the closest speedtest..net server, and the graphs in munin were pretty awful. Every day at around noon the performance would start to drop, and go down to around 50mbit by 11pm, and then after midnight would normalize again.


but, here’s the thought: What if it is not actually my internet connection?

What if it’s because everybody thinks their internet connection is bad, and starts hitting the speedtest.net servers so hard that they start to slow down?

… So I switched to measuring against a speedtest.net mini server that I’m hosting myself, and no-one else uses… and guess what. My internet performance still drops in the afternoon and evening, but nowhere as dramatic as before.

Makes you think about self-fulfilling prophecies, or maybe internet speed is related to Schrödingers Cat.


Edit: Here are two bandwidth graphs from my connection. The first one’s from when I was measuring against the official speedtest.net servers:

Internet performance by day, measuring against speedtest.net servers

Internet performance by day, measuring against speedtest.net servers

The second one was created the same way, but instead of using a random speedtest.net server for every data point I have been measuring against my own speedtest mini server on my cloud host:

Internet performance by day, measuring against my own server

Internet performance by day, measuring against my own server


I just hope that that new test site run by the Bundesnetzagentur has enough power to handle the load without drooping.

Sep 212013

As anyone who has attended a RH124 or higher class, or has any experience in Unix/Linux knows, we usually set the system to assume that the local clock runs in UTC. This gives us the advantage that the correction for daylight savings time (DST) gets applied automatically.

The problem with that is that on a dual boot system, Windows automatically assumes that the local clock runs in the local time zone, which messes things up.

The solution is one quick registry hack away:

Start Windows, open regedit, and add a 32bit DWORD in this location:


That’s all there is to it.


Original source (in German) is here.

Mar 072013

As part of my job a senior Linux systems engineer and freelance consultant, I am often asked to do staff training on various Unix and linux related topics. One such training is “UNIX and Linux – an introduction”, a 2-day intensive course which I developed.

The content is aimed individuals who are familiar with Windows back-office operations.

Click on the Slideshare link to access a read-only copy of the presentation.

Mar 092012

I’m gonna play with RetroShare a bit.

RetroShare is a serverless, p2p based communications platform where every single piece of transferred data is encrypted. You find your contacts by their pgp key.

Here’s a link to the homepage.

If anyone wants to poke me on retroshare, my pgp key is on the public key servers with the key id 0x27BD763C.

RetroShare for openSUSE is on the build service.

Mar 082012

I don’t have an iPad (yet).
Maybe I will buy one at some point.

You can help if you want 🙂









Sorry for this, just trying to be funny. This link might explain what is going on. Sometimes the media is just getting way too hyped for their own good.


Jan 192012

Here are the results from the survey:

75% answered “yes” on the question whether they use kontact or not. Those who answered “no” did not get to the rest of the survey. All questions except the last two were multiple choice.

Component usage:

Task list35,53%
Yellow Notes17,11%
Time tracking9,21%

Mail protocols:

Local Maildir17,8%

Calendar sources:

Vcard files75,0%
Google contacts plugin29,4%
Kolab etc10,3%
Novell Groupwise1,5%

Address sources:

iCal file66,1%
Google calendar plugin32,3%
Kolab etc14,5%

Quality compared to other PIM applications or email clients:

Below average16,7%

Has kontact improved over time:

The same25,4%
Oct 082011

For various reasons I had to setup a Debian box. Debian 5.

For building software that would be distributed in binary form and should run on any linux.

The original software that mine derives from is being built on a debian 5 system.

So, I needed one as well.

Enter: VirtualBox for Mac + Debian 5 netinstall.

So far, so good, until I actually cloned my hg repo onto the deb box, and found that the clone had two heads.

… debian uses mercurial 1.0.1 on debian 5.



that is old.

very old.

It’s a miracle that debian has heard of unicode by now.

At least I think they have heard of unicode …

gotta check that.

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